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Online Photo Selection App

Take your customer's photos, which photos will you print? Upload photos to the system, customer choose the photos wants to print on iOS and android apps or your website by logging.


What's This ?

WeAsist online is a photographer's assistant.

WeAsist is a software that provides customized iOS and Android mobile applications, an appointment management system that we have encoded on the web and an enterprise web site service.

Cloud System

When you upload photos to your system, your customers can choose their photos via iOS, Android and the customer panel on your website.

You can manage your website and (iOS, Android) mobile applications simultaneously from a single management panel, and update your content.

Responsive Structure

The Web Site automatically resizes itself on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks and pc devices and displays images compatible with the devices.

It resizes your device to the screen dimensions and provides a more convenient navigation.


You can add and edit your Web Site content as you wish. You can also make social media and seo settings in admin panel.

You can keep track of your photo shoots from the calendar in the admin panel, keep track of pending shots, pending delivery and collections.


By reviewing your yearly distribution chart of the shots you have made, you can refine what period of the year you order and when you shoot. You can also see graphs from past years.

Graphics enable you to better evaluate your business process periodically.

Corporate Web Site and Admin Panel


Many photographers do not have a personal website. One of the reasons for this is the widespread use of social media and the financial difficulties of having a website.
The service we are offering is not just a website. We have linked the iOS application, the Android application, the website and the administration panel to the common database with the technology.

As an example, let's say you enter a blog post and upload your photos. The blog post will be published simultaneously on your website, in your iOS and Android app.

Likewise, suppose you upload photos of your customers to the system. Your customer can select photos from the customer panel on the website, from within iOS and android apps.

The Corporate Web Site that we presented is not a ready template (WordPress, Jomla etc.). It is designed with HTML and Javascript, and its software background is coded with C # .Net. It is more secure than different preset templates.

The Corporate Web Site is the main source of reliable information.

Sample Site & Admin Panel


iOS and Android



4 different products, one price, one package.

App Store Google Play
Admin Paneli Kurumsal Web Site

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  • Corporate Web Site
  • Mobile Compatible Site
  • Admin Panel
  • Customer Panel
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Dynamic Structure
  • Cloud System
  • Online Photo Selection
  • Process Followup
  • Payment Taker
  • Add Content
  • Edit Content
  • Trash
  • Appointment
  • Online Calendar
  • Notification
  • Email Notification
  • Multiple Users
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Disk Usage Tracking
  • 5 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Hosting Service (1 Year)
  • First Use Training (1 hour)
  • Payment by Credit Card
  • Unlimited Content
  • Domain (com-net) (1 Year)
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